Telecommunication Cables

Telecommunication Cables are a type of guided transmission mediums. These are usually known to transmit electrical energy (ac/dc) however in telecommunication fields, cables are used to transmit electromagnetic waves so they are also called electromagnetic wave guides. Telecommunications are based on transmitting modulated waves/ signals through a medium and receiving them. When the distance between the transmitter and receiver is far, or we are using unguided medium transmission, the antennas are used, otherwise in guided medium transmission, the telecommunication cables are used. We are offering Telephone Wire that can be used for telephone switching exchanges, switch boards & telephone wiring. Featuring high transmission speed, these telephone wires are also used to eliminate cross talk as well as to increase the voice clarity in large offices and hotels for interconnection of telephone.

    • Features:


  • Error free performance
  • Resistant to rust and abrasion
  • Minimum interference and attenuation
  • Durability