Submersible Cable

We are technically well-accomplished to manufacture superior grade of submersible cables. Flexible 3 core flat submersible pump cables are specially designed to supply power to submersible borehole pumps in a deep bore well. As the area of installation is physically restrictive, and the environment is very hostile, these are manufactured keeping in mind the severe, tough and difficult conditions in which they have to be used. The inner cores are insulated with a special grade PVC Compound. The tough robust outer PVC Jacket protects it from the oil, greases, various chemicals and abrasions giving long life and electrical safety. This helps us achieve the highest possible degree of reliability & safety. The insulation & sheath of our cables stand up to even the most aggressive wet conditions. These Cables are liked in the market for their better flexibility, easier handling and installation.

These Cables find various applications in our surroundings such as, Irrigations, Drinking Water Supply, Mine Dewatering Industries, Fountains, Sewage Treatment Plants, Sea Water Filtration Plants, Swimming Pools and Aquariums. Submersible cables can be used in both fresh and salt water and are suitable for direct burial and within well castings. Varied sizes and shapes of submersible cables are manufactured by us depending on its usage and preference of the consumer. We keep these factors in mind to achieve the highest possible degree of longevity and quality.